Чемпионат мира по пляжному теннису 2018

Чемпионат МИРА (Италия, Червия, Bagno  Delfino), 2-4 августа 2018 г


2018 ITF Beach Tennis World Championships


Dates2014 Beach Tennis World Champs Logo
2-4 August 2018
(Qual: 30 Jul - 1 Aug)

Prize Money

Bagno Delfino, Cervia, Italy

2018 World Champions

 No Title

 Antomi Ramos Viera (ESP) & Mikael Alessi (ITA) and Federica Bacchetta & Giulia Gasparri (ITA)

Tournament Review

Federica Bacchetta and Giulia Gasparri defended their world championship title after beating Sofia Cimatti and Flamina Diana in the final, whilst Spaniard, Antomi Ramos Viera and partner Mikael Alessi overcame Russian Nikita Burmakin and Italian Tommaso Giovannini.

In the Juniors event, after the completion of the semi-finals, Italy was guaranteed a sweep of the Boys' titles  in all age categories. In the Girls' competition, Russia's clean sweep from 2017 was broken as just one Russian pair were able to clinch a spot on the podium joined by Italy and Spain in the U14 and U18 categories.   

 All Draws  

2018 Men's final highlights


Nikita Burmakin (RUS) and Tommaso Giovannini (ITA) vs Mikael Alessi (ITA) and Antomi Ramos Viera (ESP) 

Click here to watch the men's final in full

2018 Women's final highlights


Federica Bacchetta (ITA) and Giulia Gasparri (ITA) v Sofia Cimatti (ITA) and Flaminia Diana (ITA 

Click here  to watch the women's final in full

Tournament Preview

For the sixth year running, the flagship individual event on the Beach Tennis Tour returns to Cervia, Italy. 

The Beach Tennis Tour’s flagship individual event will take place on Italy’s east coast during the week commencing 30 July.

Following the historic moment in 2016 at these Championships which saw the crowning of the first ever non-Italian champions in either the men's or women's main events with the victory of Joana Cortez and Rafaella Miiller, Italian players returned to the podium in 2017.

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